Story Time -infertility awareness week

Story Time 📖
Infertility Awareness Week.
Everyone has a different story, and this one happens to be in ours.
We were blessed with 3 boys through a fertility clinic in Burlington.
In-between Kayden and Archer we had 2 miscarriages and one chemical pregnancy.
Each child has a different story.
With our first, Xavier...
We tried for 3 years.
1 year at a fertility clinic and he was our 3rd IUI attempt.
Kayden we tried for one year, we knew it might not happen so went back to the fertility clinic and on a proper diet and hormones we conceived him the first month we were back.
When Kayden was 15 months I knew it was time, if we wanted a third, it was now.
We got pregnant twice on our own but each time ended in heartache.
The third time at the fertility was HARD.
Hard on my body, hard on our family, a lot of early mornings, a lot of planning, scheduling, a lot of failure.
This third time was the one that felt like my soul was hurting.
It was the one where I thought if I don't give up, my body is going to be giving up for me.
I was told I had 2 more shots before they were going to put me on the 2 year wait for IVF.
(Which at my age and with my children, I was not about to do that to us)
So I had 2 more....
That's it.
2 more chances with something that I had absolutely NO control over.
In my head I couldn't get over that.
Archer was almost another cancelled cycle.
My body had over achieved and I was told I had a chance for triplets.
While everyone was telling me they can't go ahead with it,
All I was thinking was WHAT IF THIS IS MY SHOT. 
That is MY baby. 
What if this is it??
* Ps yes I know what everyone is thinking, that's absolutely insane, to risk triplets, to put yourself through a high risk pregnancy, believe me I get it. But when you are right there.... Those problems didn't seem like problems to me *
And guess what?
They took me back in.
I called and asked to come back.
So they had me come in for one more shot to see if one follicle was shrinking.
They warned me it would most likely be a canceled cycle but they let me come back for reassurance.
I was right....
To be cont...