I am a mom

What my world is right now....
I'm right in the middle of the busiest season of my life,
And as a mom I am trying to soak it all in.
Even on hard days...
You know the days where the kids are sick, you are sick, no one is sleeping and you forget what day it is.
This is my life right now.
And when some days I find it tough,
Some days things flow just right.
It's not supposed to be pretty.
It's messy, it's loud, it's isolating.
You forget to connect with your friends,
You forget to check in on those around you,
You have to write down all the appointments,
All the birthdays,
The pizza days,
The play dates,
The activities....
And at the end of the day you have yourself second guessing if you are doing enough for them?
I am a mom.
It's the greatest gift in the world. 
To me at least.
You look in the mirror and somedays you think to yourself
"what on earth happened"
Change that to...
"Look how much u have grown"
"Look at this life I have created"
"Look at how strong you really are"
"Look at how LOVED you are"
Being a mom is HARD.
Lets change our mindset 
And we change the day.
Tag a strong, powerful, messy mama 💪
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