I still look like I had a baby....

I still look like I had a baby ....
Or two, or three...
Years of infertility,
Stress & Tears.
Pregnancy after infertility and miscarriage meant not wanting to move, to exercise, to breathe.
It was a pregnancy full of fear and just trying to get through day to day praying I was still pregnant.
I look at this body like it doesn't belong to me.
I'm becoming kinder to it for it did succeed in bringing me my family.
I will continue to bring strength back to it,
I will continue to slowly get myself back.
I don't expect it to be the same,
I don't want the scars to leave,
They are a reminder of what I did.
The woman I was doesn't exist,
But the woman I have become will continue to work on herself....
I owe it to her.