My Kayden

When you find out that you are pregnant with your second, all of these new kind of fears coming flowing through...

different fears from the first.

You fear if your heart can expand any more?

You love the first more than ANYTHING else in this world. How do you find the same kind of love for the second?

The SECOND this little Roo made his grand entrance all of those fears vanished. 

I cried. 

I never cried when Xavier was born, I was more in shock from the entire experience...( but that's another story, for another day)

Kayden was 5 days early and still weighed a whopping 9.8lb. (I have big babies)

He calmed right away from the sound of my voice and he slept with me on a recliner for the first 2-3 months of his life. 

I had damaged my pelvic bone from an accident while pregnant so I wasn't able to crawl into bed until it was fully healed.

He was a mamas boy right away, and still is.

We still co sleep half of the night, and that is alright with me. 

It is truly amazing how your heart expands, 

how you can love so deeply,

so intensely...

to the moon, and back.