Time to just live.

It all started in 2020 when we officially made the decision and started the process to try for a third...
2021 broke me not one, not two, but three times.
The hardest part was the fight that was inside me...
Knowing that I had two beautiful babies to stay strong for.
To show up for. To be the best version of myself for.
2022 was when we found out I had a viable pregnancy.
There was a thriving baby growing inside me.
But the fear was still there with every step I took,
Which led me down a road full of anxieties.
But at the end of 2022 I saw the light.
I felt myself pushing for myself.
Pushing to take care of myself,
Almost like a big sigh of relief that just brings you so much joy that you want to cry ... Thinking wow. 
Look at where we are now.
Going into 2023 I feel light.
I feel excitement.
I feel a shift in myself,
I feel the need to slow down.
To look around and just observe what is really important.
The things I fought so long to have.
2023 we are ready for you,
We are ready to just live.